Monday, May 7, 2007

How Do I Learn to Glide

How Do I Learn to Glide

If you want to learn to glide, the only way to do it is to join a club and fly regularly. If you want to find out if you want to learn to glide in Thailand , there is (at the moment) only one way to go about it. Just contact Nok Flying Club 086-6702449 and ask for a Trial Lesson . You'll get a briefing and a trial flight, and 28 days membership of the Club. If you explain that you're thinking of taking up the sport, you'll get a lot more information about flying in general, and the Club in particular, than the visitor who's just come along for a bit of fun.

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If you want to try more than just a flight, we run one-day courses , or you can arrange to visit us for a week. This is plenty of time to learn to fly, although there are airmanship and judgement considerations that will probably mean that you won't fly solo. However, if five days isn't enough to find out whether gliding is for you, then it probably isn't.

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