Monday, May 7, 2007



-- Inche Ismail of MSAF is the organizer of the KUKL 2007 - KARNIVAL UDARA KUALA LUMPUR - the major ANNUAL GA event in Malaysia (supported by the Malaysian Government).

He has invited SFAT to participate in KLKU 2007 in SUBANG (WMSA) on 31Aug2007 - 01Sep07. ALL GA planes (INCLUDED ULTRALIGHTS, TRIKES, BALLOONS) are welcome!!!

He will officially invite SFAT to organize the THAI GA and THAI U-registed AIRCRAFT TO FLY INTO MALAYSIAN AIR SPACE to SUBANG WMSA (as well as other places, like exotic TIOMAN ISLAND, PENANG, PANKOR Island or the grass strip airfield in their NATIONAL PARK - TAMAN NEGARA in Central Malaysia!!)

He will request Malaysian DCA to extend all courtesies to our Thai Pilots as far as VOICE PROCEDURES are concerned! (Malaysian ATC are also famous for their machinegun CLEARANCES! so this will be a benefit for Thai pilots.)

Sunny Yong is acting advisor to SFAT on this project and has requested Inche ISMAIL to FACILITATE with: 1. OFFICIAL INVITATION; 2. MALAYSIAN DCA FLIGHT PERMITS for U-registered aircraft - so that SFAT can liaise with THAI DCA on issuance of flight permits; 3. RELEVANT MAP INFORMATION regarding REPORTING POINTS, radio FREQUENCIES, CONTROLLED VFR ROUTES - COASTAL OR INLAND ROUTES. COASTAL ROUTE - after Hatyai - to PENANG (WMKP) delicious roadside stall food - PANGKOR ISLAND (resort island with take-off over the sea) - to SUBANG, along the WEST coast. On the way back - INLAND ROUTE - FROM Subang - VIA KUALA LUMPUR (Malaysian Capital) - flying pass the TWIN TOWERS OF PATAMINA to BATU CAVES, IPOH WMKI (where we all must stop for their famous KWAE TIOW noddles lunch) - PENANG - HATYAI. 4. LOGISTICS - 95 Octane and AVGAS; transportation to/from hotels; also requested their local flying clubs in Penang to meet and HELP us. 5. SFAT will most likely send a survey flight (namely SUNNY in a ultralight to Malaysia in July to check the route and procedures.

Pre-trip meetings will be ORGANIZED by SFAT for interested PILOTS regarding details about SAFETY, pilots' SKILL, passengers, discipline, air-worthiness, documents, maps, GPS, TRANSPONDERS, RADIO, insurance, voice procedures, inter-plane communication in loose formation flying; TIE-DOWNS, emergency prodedures, ELTs. This is the first time that THAI ULTRALIGHTS will be flying across an international border and SFAT wants a well-organized and FUN trip for everybody involved!! This can lead on to future trips into CAMBODIA, LAOS, VIETNAM, MYANMAR or CHINA. --

Email Khun Niwat and Sunny // after this, we expect to see SFAT organizing a flying trip to LUANG PRABANG.

Congratulations to SFAT for moving General Aviation in Thailand forward.

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